Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thankful God Loves Me!

It's early. Too early to be up. 4:15 to be exact.

I've mentioned before the concern about my frazzled brain wiring. I think these early morning wake up calls my brain gives me are another indication I have some malfunctions in the grey matter. Who gets up this early unless they have to? I surely wouldn't. I'd be lying in the bed with my down comforter pulled up around my ears.

Thanks to my brain, I am sitting before my computer with my toes freezing off because I'm too lazy to go find my slippers (which could be anywhere), trying to write something that will be beneficial to you.

I really do want the time you spend here to be a blessing to you. I hope to cheer, encourage, prick or confirm. . .whatever God desires. That's why I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me, give me words that will be what you need. Although this blog is insignificant in the scheme of things, I am committed to doing it in a way that honors God and blesses you. When I cease to feel that way about it, I'll quit posting.

I ask God to bless you today. I ask him to let you feel his presence, let you know his great concern for you, and let you know what a treasure you are to him!

If I could say only three words to you today, they would be, GOD LOVES YOU.

Isn't that an awesome fact?!!

So thankful God loves me, Gloria

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