Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wow! Going on vacation does something to the body. It's almost eight and I just woke. Well, you do have to deduct my waking up about four and spending some time in prayer. I'm not sure who I was praying for when I dropped back off to sleep. I'm sure God understood and finished my request!

I went with my hubby to watch the Dodgers yesterday. We sat on the grass berms in center field. Three home runs our way and I didn't get one. I would have been trampled by a few dozen kids if I had tried. There was really no need to try. I was sitting down on the grass. It would have been the next inning by the time I could have gotten up!

The best time for me was seeing my husband unwind. I think the lines on his face actually lessened. It seemed he forgot all the stresses and burdens in California and just enjoyed watching his favorite team.

Sometimes the greatest enjoyment we can get is not doing some thing we want but something another wants. God tells us in the Bible to think about others more than ourselves.

I wonder what would happen if everyone lived that scripture out in their lives? I think we would have a different world.

We can't do anything about others but we can determine to live it out in lives today. Try it and see if it makes any difference in others' lives and your heart.

Gonna try to live today thinking about others more than myself, Gloria

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