Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice People

If you are reading this on Monday, I say, "Sorry!" I am just now figuring out WiiFi here in Goodyear, Arizona. We arrived here and I paid for internet service but there were some problems. The company just now got it fixed. Hopefully, I will be able to post in plenty of time tomorrow morning. Thanks for being patient!

Last night we stayed in a park in beautiful Blythe, CA where the temperature can get to 120 in the summer. Needless to say, God would have to speak really LOUD for me to move there!

But, we met some of the nicest people there. The waitress at Sizzler was the one who told us about the park. They have even provided free dump sites for travelers. For you who are not camper types that means, (How shall I put this delicately?) it's a place to dump the poop and water out of your motorhome. Well, I guess that wasn't too delicate, right.

We met a man there who told us where to golf when we got to Goodyear. Everyone was friendly and kind. Just goes to show you, God places good people in towns all over this country. I'm thankful I had the privilege of meeting some of those in Blythe. I am also thankful I was not traveling through in the summer time!

See you tomorrow(I hope), Gloria

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