Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ironing Isn't Too Bad

This weekend my husband put a shelf in our utility room for hanging clothes after I wash them. I don't know if it was to suggest that I wash clothes more often. It might have been to suggest I not use every door in the house to hang wet things!

I'm afraid I'll have to iron some of those washed clothes soon. The closet is filling up fast! I'm feeling my husband is getting tired of stepping over the "to be ironed" pile every times he tries to get his clothes out of the closet. He hasn't said anything yet but he's growling at lot more when he goes in the closet. A good sign I'm right, don't you think?

Ironing isn't too bad once you get started doing it. It's just that getting started stuff that bothers me.

I guess there are other thing that aren't bad once we get started doing them. Like committing to some job at church that needs to be done. Or, helping out in some community ministry. Maybe taking time to visit your neighbor and develop a relationship so you can share your faith. And, unlike ironing clothes, I can almost guarantee these things will turn into blessings in your life!

Knowing my ironing the clothes will be a blessing to my husband so I'm doing it, Gloria

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