Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Tea---And Making Right Choices

My mind is going a thousand miles a second. My body is having trouble keeping up! The reason?

Green Tea.

I read that green tea is a great antioxidant. It also "revs" up the metabolism.

Since we want to keep as many nasty toxins out of our systems as possible and hope to keep "rev" in our aging bodies, my husband and I have started drinking green tea in the morning.

Always one to do things in excess, I also bought some green tea tablets. The instructions said take two tablets twice a day. I do what I'm told so I took four tablets yesterday.

Not good.

The result has been a mind that is going a thousand miles a second, only three hours of sleep and a body that is having considerable trouble keeping up!

I don't think I'll be taking green tea tablets today!

Sometimes we do things, only to find out those decisions were not wise ones.

Like taking four green tea tablets!

Like eating six chocolate chip cookies instead of one.

Like watching television instead of exercising.

Like reading the paper instead of the Bible.

Like trying to make decisions on our own without consulting God.

Lots of wrong decisions can make for a frenetic mind and a life filled with turmoil.

Today let's ask God to give us wisdom to make right choices. Let's allow him to direct what we do and say. I think we'll like the results!

Hoping I allow God to lead me in making right choices today, Gloria

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