Thursday, March 12, 2009

Golf and Pride

Let's just plan on these posts being late until I return home next week. I hope I don't become an inconvenience to you sweet people who read my blog. I do want to make this easy for you but it seems the body has a mind of its own (no pun intended).

I slept until 8 again this morning. That has to be a record! I guess the old body was more in need of R&R than I thought.

There is another culture here in Arizona. Snowbirds. They come here when it's winter where they live, stay until the weather is warmer back home, then return. We golfed yesterday
with a couple from Canada, retired farmers. They stay here six months!

I haven't golfed in over two years. I DID NOT want anyone else to see my pathetic attempt at the sport. But, golf courses have rules. So, we were teamed with another couple. Did you guess it? She was a good golfer. Not fantastic but at least she stayed down the fairway. I, on the other hand, meandered from side to side chasing errant shots. Let's just say I got my money's worth. I can also tell you about most all areas of the course, the rough included!

Why do you think I wanted to play alone instead of with someone else? Pride.

Pride is usually not a good thing. The Bible says pride goes before the fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. If my pride had prevailed yesterday, I would have missed meeting Ann and Vick, two precious people who enriched my life for a few hours.

You may say, "How ridiculous that she was so prideful." And, you would be right.

I would ask the question before you get the toothpick out of my eye. Are you prideful?

Do you think you are better than others? Do you look down on people who have less? Do you think you are more talented than others? More important than others? If so, you might consider pride is an issue in your life.

Let's ask God to remove the foolish pride we have that hinders us from being what he wants. If you're like me, it may open up new avenues of friendship you never dreamed of.

Hoping not to be prideful today, even though I am a lousy golfer, Gloria

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