Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I read the news headlines this morning on my computer. One said, "Ancient civilization in China bulldozed."

To many here in America, that is a tragedy. We love antiquity . . . in our civilizations, that is. We restore old homes, old churches, old barns and put them on a registry. They are our link to the past. Something to be treasured and remembered.

I know something that is an antique. Been around for thousands of years. Passed down through the centuries. A link to the past. Something to be treasured.

What? The Bible.

Why do we not treasure it like we treasure old buildings? It is our link with God, creator of the universe. It is his very words, God breathed! Yet, we throw it on a shelf, seldom read it, and finally discard it in the Goodwill box or toss it in the trash. Bulldozed!

Take that Bible you have and open it. Read it. Treasure it. Don't idolize the pages. Worship its author. Be one of those who treasures antiquity, who treasures what the Ancient of Days, God, has left to guide you. Such a treasure!

Appreciative of a God who loved us enough to leave us that ancient book, Gloria

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