Monday, March 30, 2009

Body Pollution and Trust

I read an article this week about how bad it is to use certain plastic containers . They said toxins leech out into the foods and pollute our bodies. That's all I need to know. Another thing that is killing me without me knowing it!

Have you noticed? The list is getting longer and longer. You can't eat sugar. It will kill you. You can't use sugar alternatives. They will kill you. You can't eat fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. They're genetically altered and will harm you. Some paints harm you. Fuels pollute the air and harm you. Even the carpet in your house can harm you!

What are we going to do? Maybe pitch a tent out in the wilderness and live on wild berries and nuts? Nope. Then we'd be in danger of wild critters harming us!

What should we do with all this information?

We can do our part in helping clean up the air. But, even if it is polluted, we still have to breathe. According to our finances, we can purchase things that do us less harm. We can rid our homes of as many toxins as possible.

While God expects us to do what we can, he is still ultimately in control of our lives. We have to trust that he will do for us what we cannot.

Not everyone can afford organic food. Not everyone can live in an area that has relatively clean air. Not everyone has a choice of whether they have carpet or wood floors.

Do not be fearful or fret. Do the best you can and trust God with your life.

Trying to be responsible but not fearful, Gloria

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