Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tender Chickens, Tender People

I bought a hormone free, organic chicken at the store the other day. It was on sale. I cannot pass up a sale, even if it is just a chicken!

I baked it with garlic powder, onion powder and rosemary. The aroma filled the house. It may have been my imagination (I do have a big one), but it seemed the chicken tasted better and was more tender than other ones I have cooked. I guess eliminating all that "junk" really does make a difference.

Hey, I wonder if we eliminate all the "junk (sin)" out of our lives we will be more tender. Not the eating kind of tender. The compassionate, forgiving, loving, kind of tender.

The chickens were dependent upon their owners to make them tender. We are dependent on God to make us tender. Then we can leave "a good taste in the mouths" of those we encounter each day.

Hoping to be tender today, Gloria

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