Friday, February 13, 2009

Taking, Walking

It's 7:20. How did that happen? I sat down at my computer almost an hour ago to write my blog. I decided to check my emails. That lead to going to another website. That lead to . . . I'll not bother you with more!

I had such good intentions. What happened? My frenetic brain happened. It can't seem to concentrate on anything more than a few minutes. Then it is on to other things. I've often wondered if I should go to a brain specialist and check this out. The only thing that has held me back is the fear they may find MORE abnormalities!

What is normal anyway? You may have one definition. I might have another.

Yesterday I was in an establishment when two young people walked in. Their noses were pierced. They wore black leather. Chains hung down the side of their legs. The ear of one had a big round circle thing like those I've seen when I watched documentaries about Africa. Their jeans had patches as well as holes.

When I looked at them I loved them. I thought how much Jesus loved them. My heart went out to them. I wanted to put my arms around them and tell them I loved them. I did refrain from that. They would have thought I was weird!

So many times we can't get past the outer trappings and see what is inside a person. Maybe we would find hate. That's still OK because Jesus died for those who hated him (us included). Maybe, just maybe, we would find a person who is empty and void, needing someone to love them, care for them.

I don't want to preach here but I think it needs to be said. How we react to people who are "not like us" determines if we are, at that moment in time, controlled by the Spirit of God who dwells in us. Really, how we react in any situation determines if we are Spirit controlled.

We Christians talk the talk. But, not so many REALLY walk the walk.

Hoping to do less taking and more walking today, Gloria

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