Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saved From the Gallows!

I survived the gallows! They tied my neck with the rope but the rope slipped. I was able to elude the authorities and am now safe at home. Okay, maybe the DMV trip wasn't quite that bad. But, I am a writer, after all!

I went to San Bernardino to the DMV. I won't even tell you all the hoops I had to jump through before I got to the window. When I did, good things began to happen!

I explained about our mail being found in the desert and I was sure my renewal letter was one of the missing pieces. The nice young man had pity on me (maybe he didn't want to see an "older" lady cry). I only had to pay for the license! God is good!!! Thanks for praying!

Funny how one thing can change your attitude from "down in the dumps" to "on a mountaintop." It made me think about how my response to people could possibly change their day from the dumps to the mountaintop. I pledge that today I am going to try and lift the spirits of someone I meet. I think that will be a good representation of the God I serve.

Hoping to change an attitude or two today, Gloria

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