Monday, February 2, 2009

The Perils of Pauline

I once saw a movie about an actress who made movies where she was always getting into trouble. I think it was called The Perils of Pauline. Every time she turned around something bad was happening to her. I think I'll suggest a sequel. Only, let's call it The Guffaws of Gloria. I tried to look up guffaws in Roget's Thesaurus. It wasn't even there. Either I'm so old they they have taken it out of the dictionary or I've made up a new word. I asked my husband. He knew the meaning. But, he's even older than I am!

Back to my story.

I should have known things were going to go wrong when I made two cakes on Saturday and the white icing I have made a thousand times wasn't firm enough. It started sliding off the cakes and onto the counter. Not one to waste things, I scraped the icing off the counter and gave it to my husband. Did he need to know where it came from? I think not.

On Sunday, I loaded all the groceries (I thought) into my car and headed to church. The little light warning me I was low on fuel glared at me. It had come on the night before when I was on my way to attend a women's meeting at our church. I thought I had plenty of fuel to get to the church, back home and to church again on Sunday. I thought. That was my first problem.

We started fixing the meal. It was then we realized I had left part of the ingredients at home AND the cakes. I rushed into my car. No fuel. The light was still glaring.

I decided to stop and get fuel. Too much time wasted. I decided I just had to go to the nearby store instead. I came out of the store twenty dollars poorer. Now, I didn't find that too funny but you do what you gotta do.

When I came home I had ten cans of green chilies, four bags of Fritos and two cakes. I couldn't think of a way to combine them so I threw the chilies and Fritos in the pantry and started eating the cake. I've done a pretty good job of taking care of one of the cakes but I still have lots left. Maybe I'll take the cakes to my writers' group at the mall today. They can help me eat them. If not, I'll just make a sign that says,"Free." Surely there will be someone who can't resist something that's free and take them off my hands!

I'm hoping this week is a new chapter and life will not be full of mishaps. I'm hoping and doubting at the same time! I have learned to go by that statement, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." There is also a scripture that applies. It says, "In everything give thanks."

Thanking God for ten cans of green chilies, four bags of Fritos and two cakes, Gloria

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