Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday was one of those "overflowing with goodness" kind of day. It was overcast. It rained. It snowed. To top the day off, friends took us to Outback for dinner! I would have been happy to have one or two of those things at once. Yet, I got all of them crammed into one great day!

God sometimes does things like that for me. I may have gone through a rough stretch and think I can't possibly handle one more day in the situation. Then, he'll bring a passage of scripture, a song, encouragement from a friend, into my life. All at the same time. One or two may have been enough but he "overflows with goodness" toward me and makes me realize he loves me and will help me get through whatever he brings my way.

I loved yesterday. But, I love even more having a God who "overflows with goodness" toward me when I need it most.

Grateful, Gloria

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