Monday, February 16, 2009


A few weeks ago, I told you my four year old grandson said, "Nanny, you need to exercise." Well, I'm going to take his advice. If you feel the ground move under your feet, don't panic. It's not an earthquake. It will be me jumping up and down!

I'm going to "kill two birds with one stone." I'm going to put on my praise music. I'll praise the Lord while I exercise.

HAVING to exercise is not as fun as going out hiking with the family. Of course, when you're out of breath after a quarter of a mile and have to go back to the car, that doesn't make for much fun family time.

Or, being on a mission to find that perfect blouse at the mall. Why, I can walk hours doing that!

Bottom line. Some things are not fun but they are necessary. It would be nice but not all things in life can be placed in the fun category. Just because they aren't doesn't mean we are not to do them.

Some things in the Christian life are not fun. Sacrificing financially so other can know about Jesus. Going through trials. Standing for the right when those around you won't. Not fun but necessary.

Going to do the necessary today for both my body and my Christian walk, Gloria

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