Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Better Decisions

I went to bed about 10:30. Really late for me. The reason? I had caffeine at dinner. I knew better. But, did that stop me? No!

I woke up at 12:30. It is now 3:20. I'm beginning to get drowsy. Maybe by the time I finish this blog I can get some rest. Hopefully, I'll not fall asleep before it's finished!

Why would I drink a beverage loaded with caffeine when I knew it would keep me awake? Not smart, I know. Perhaps I thought this time the caffeine would not affect me.

I sometimes make other decisions that aren't smart. Those decisions are spiritual ones. When I do or say things that are contrary to who I am in Christ (I call it "living in the flesh".) Why would I make such decisions? Maybe I think this time they will not affect me. But, they always do.

Praying that today I will make better decisions about what I drink and how I live, Gloria

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