Friday, February 20, 2009

Future Events

Growing up in the south was interesting. If you liked humidity that sucked the life out of you, and mosquitoes so big you had to run inside so they wouldn't carry you off . Let's not forget the snakes. I think they knew how afraid I was of them and deliberately slithered up close to scare me out of my wits!

I may have exaggerated a bit. Actually, it wasn't that bad! I do love having southern roots. Would I want to live in that climate again? No. As I have mentioned before, I don't do well with heat.

One thing about my childhood I hated was picking blackberries. You encountered snakes, red bugs, ticks, and mosquitoes, all on the same outings! And, let's not forget a sun that beat down and fried your brain, even though you had a straw hat on.

Afterward we took the berries home, washed them, cooked them down with enough sugar to keep twenty dentists in business filling cavities.

If we were lucky, not all of them were used for jam. We would be rewarded with a blackberry cobbler. Ah, no better treat! If it was topped with ice cream, even more superb. After a few bites of the berry confection, the torture of picking them faded into the recesses of our minds.

Life for the Christian can be like berry picking. Troubles. Temptations. Suffering. Struggles. Frustrations bombard us. The pressures of like beat down on us and we despair. But, don't forget the reward!

One day we will pass from this life into the next and all this will fade away. No more tears, suffering, trials. Only joy. Joy in seeing God. Joy in seeing family and friends. Joy in being able to praise God for eternity. Now that's even better than cobbler. . . with ice cream!!

Looking forward to the reward, Gloria

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