Thursday, February 12, 2009


Life surely is full of ups and downs isn't it? One day you're on a high, next day you're down in the dumps.

I am not a very confident person. Inner turmoil about my abilities in any area is always a constant battle to overcome. It is often this lack of confidence that makes my "dump" days.

We all have different personalities. My husband is a very confident man. He believes he can do anything, with God's help. He doesn't question his ability. He believes God has given him gifts and he's not afraid to use them. Me? Well, I wonder if what I do has any value. What a contrast!

What do I (and others like me) have to do?

We have to ignore our feelings. Feelings can be so misleading, so wrong. We must keep on doing things. We must trust God is using us, even when our feelings tell us otherwise. We fight back!

God has gifted each of us. Some more so than others but all of us have abilities he wants us to use for his glory. I may struggle with inadequacy but I refuse to let it keep me from doing what I feel God wants of me!

Glad I can trust God and not my feelings, Gloria

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