Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm having computer trouble. I know just enough about computers to be dangerous. It really is frustrating! Thankfully, I was able to get to this site today. If there is nothing tomorrow, you will know I fought with the computer and it won!

Bad weather is on its way. I hear the winding slapping against the house. Music from my wind chime is frenetic.

I love this kind of weather! Overcast skies. Rain. Cold. It couldn't get any better. Well, if it snowed, that would be better!

While I love this weather, those who work in it hate it. I understand that.

Not everybody likes the same thing. Not everybody feels the same way. Not everybody will always agree with us. Life is like that.

In the world, those differences will often cause hatred, dissension, bitterness, conflict. We can expect that because. . .well, because they are the world.

What about in the church? Shouldn't it be different? Does the Bible say anything about how we are to handle differences? Maybe we act like the world because we don't know what the Bible says. Or, even worse, maybe we know but refuse to live by it. Either way, the church falls short of what God desires it to be.

Saddened that the church is not much different from the world, Gloria

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