Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Difference In Men And Women

Do you know how lucky men are? When they start to go somewhere, all they have to do is take a shower, throw on a little deodorant (hopefully), shave, comb their hair and put clothes and shoes on. They take a quick look in the mirror, maybe gives a nod and then they're out the door.

Not so women. We have to pluck our eyebrows, shave our legs and arms, tweeze our eyebrows and, depending upon our age, our mustache and chin hairs. We have to lather our faces in moisturizer, and firming gel (once again this is determined by your age). After that we add deodorant and cologne or perfume. Then we get down to foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick (Are you tired yet?). Then we take a long stare into the mirror to assess our work. Usually we moan at what we see and wish we had money for plastic surgery.

What makes us so different than men? You've heard the statement, "Only God knows." Well, God does know. And what he knows is that, no matter how much "stuff" we put on the outside, it's still more important what we are on the inside. The credit card commercial said, "What's in your wallet." God says,"Who's in your heart?"

Glad God is in my heart (and that he doesn't worry much about the outside), Gloria

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