Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walking In Truth

I have a scripture verse framed and placed on my wall. It says, "I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth."

I've had joy over the years to see my children accomplish many things. I've cheered them on at football games, track events and even when they received degrees. They always said they could hear me above everyone else!

I've been proud of each of their accomplishments. But, none brings me greater joy than to see them living lives dedicated to loving and knowing God, to walking in his truths.

I pray for my children and grandchildren. Not that they will succeed as far as this world considers success. I pray their lives will be sold out to Jesus, that they will learn to know God and his truths. That they will not live for self but for him.

Do you think it brings joy to our heavenly Father when he sees us walking in his truths? I do.

I think it brings joy to him when we allow the Spirit, who dwells inside all believers, to control us instead of us controlling ourselves. Yes, I think God delights in his children walking in truth just like we do our children. What an awesome thought. We can bring joy to the God and creator of all things!

Hoping to bring joy to my heavenly Father today by walking in his truth, Gloria

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