Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Still have the head miseries (southern for head cold) so I make a disclaimer about this post. Who knows what I might write!

Have you ever wondered where that "stuff" in your head comes from when you have a cold. I'm being kind here by using the word stuff. I blow my nose and thirty seconds later I have to blow it again! Jeez. Every cavity in my head and brain must be filled with it.

For all you weak stomached, I apologize. I can't believe I'm even writing about such a thing. Southern girls DO NOT talk about stuff that you blow out of your nose. No! I think the STUFF has affected my brain! Remember, I warned you.

My daughter has apologized several times that she brought my grandchildren here when they had colds. I told her being sick is nothing compared to the joy I had having them here for a few days. I really meant that.

Sometimes good follows bad. Sometimes bad follows good. It's all part of life. How we handle the situations is what counts.

When life is good, we can get so wrapped up in its enjoyment we forget the source. When life is difficult, we sometimes blame the one we had little time for when things were good. Go figure!

If God blesses you with good things today, praise him. If he brings trouble your way, praise him. Both experiences are a gift from him. Both have a purpose. Praising does you good as well as blessing God. Try it.

Gonna praise if today is good or if it's bad, Gloria

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