Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rebellion Afoot?

Have you seen the Verizon commercial where the guy is standing outside his house looking forlorn? He's about to pull the switch on the Christmas light extravaganza that fills his entire yard. After he pulls the plug, he stands there dejected. A neighbor tells him Verizon is having a sale so it's still the holidays. That's all he needs to hear. He grabs the plug and, with great joy showing on his face, connects all the lights again.

I could have starred in that commercial. I feel the same way each January. Whose ideas was it to put everything away in January anyway? Some even clear out the house the day after Christmas. I can't comprehend that!

I guess I'll try and go along with society and clear everything out. The neighbors might complain about the lights still being up in March and friends who visit might think I'm strange (Those who know me well are convinced I am) when they come over for dinner and instead of a candlelight dinner we have Christmas light dinner. I do so hate conforming to society's mores!

While I am rebellious about conforming to society's dictates, I hope I am not rebellious about conforming to God's dictates. There are times to be rebellious and there are times not to be!

Hoping I don't rebel against God, Gloria

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