Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ranting or Praying?

Today we swear in a new president. A momentous occasion in our country. The first African-American president in our history.

I do not agree with our new president on many issues. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum on so many issues. So, what is my responsibility to a man I so disagree with?

I am to pray for him. That's right. Not rant and rave about what I don't like about his philosophy. Not slander his name to others. Not have a heart filled with anger against him. I am to pray for him!

We Christians say we are "people of the Book." Are we? Or, do we pick and choose what we will obey in its pages?

One of the pages in the Bible specifically calls us to pray for those in authority. Why? So that we may lead a peaceful life. So, let's truly be people "of the book."

Let's pray that God will direct our president. God can lead him in paths even he may not understand (you'll find that in "the Book, too). Don't you think praying to an awesome and mighty God who, like the Book says, turns men's heart like rivers of water wherever he chooses, will be much more productive than all our ranting and raving?

Praying for our president today, Gloria

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