Friday, January 16, 2009


Over or under? Which do you prefer? I'm talking about toilet paper here. Do you put the toilet paper so it rolls over the top or do you put it where it rolls under the bottom?

That may not sound like a big deal but I once knew a couple who almost got a divorce because the wife wanted over and the husband wanted under. How can a person's preference cause so much trouble!

I'm an over the top kind of girl myself. I have friends who are under the bottom types (although I can't see why). While I've been tempted to rearrange the toilet paper at their houses, so far I have had the discipline to refrain. After all it is their preference.

Sometimes Christians have preferences.
"I prefer the King James version of the Bible."
"I prefer hymns over praise music."
"I prefer an eleven o'clock service over a ten o'clock service."

Toilet paper, whether over or under, accomplishes its purpose. So do different Bibles, music, and times of services accomplish their purpose. Don't let your preferences be a means of causing dissension in the body of Christ.

P.S. If you ever invite me over to your house and I find you're an under kind of person, I make you a promise. I'll refrain from changing your toilet paper. After all, that is your preference!

Trying to not let my preferences cloud my judgment, Gloria


Anonymous said...

OK, so I am an "over" person. My dad,however, is an "under" person. When I learned that little piece of interesting trivia, I used to go around the house and turn ALL the paper towels (kitchen, garage, workshop)and the bathrooms to be "over". Drove him crazy! However, bottom line (pun intended) is I would rather have "under" than not at all!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Anonymous, I see you were quite a little character as a kid. Not much has changed!:D