Monday, January 19, 2009

Pink Marshmallow Eyes

This has been a rough week. For my eyes, that is. I guess the cold I had settled in them. They swelled up horribly. I looked like I had two pink marshmallows for eyes. The doctor gave me medication and now I look like I have pink marshmallows that have been mashed between some graham crackers. Flatter but still pretty ugly.

I even wore sunglasses to church last night. I did have to laugh when on the way home it seemed so dark and I couldn't see as well to drive. It took a few minutes for me to realize I still had the sunglasses on!

Eyes are vital. I guess the ability to see is one if the things I cherish most. Think what you would miss without your eyes!

Today as you see things, REALLY see them. Look intently through the wonderful gift God has given you, your eyes. Take the time to thank God. Name the things you see. "God, I thank you for the tree I see, for the blue sky, for the pictures of my family sitting on the table." The list will be almost endless. As you thank God, there should well up inside you an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the gift God has given, the ability to see.

Thankful for these marshmallow eyes, Gloria

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