Friday, January 9, 2009


I've gotten another project. I'm making jewelry!

It's fun to look at the beads and baubles, then try to create a pleasing pattern from all the various beads that lie before me. Sometimes it takes me days to figure out exactly how I want to arrange the beads to make a necklace. I go by the table and change a bead here, a bead there. Later I'll come back and think of a way I like better. Finally, when I'm satisfied with the look, I'll put it together. I hope to sell some of my creations on the Internet. We'll see how that works out.

God creates patterns. He created one for your life long before you were born. His pattern was intricate. His plan was to weave into your life sorrow, happiness, family, friends, and a love of himself. Each piece of the pattern was meant to make you a person who lived an abundant life here and in eternity.

Are you allowing God to create in your life the pattern he wants? Don't resist. His creations are awesome!

Trying (and sometimes failing) to let God create something beautiful with my life, Gloria

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