Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"All About Me" Christians

I've had three late nights in a row. It's because we are having meetings at our church. After the services, I have fed the praise team that's been coming up the hill to help us in worship. By the time we get home and settled for bed, it is WAY past my usual bedtime.

Am I complaining? Absolutely not!

Sometimes, as Christians, we have to live for others and not for ourselves. These ministers of God have come straight from work and driven a long way just to help us connect with God. They have given up time with their families and forgone their regular meal so they can be with us each night. I am honored to serve them. I do it because I love them and I love God.

I go to the services because I am blessed by them. I also go to be an encouragement to others who will be there.

What about the people at your church? Do you ever think about the influence you being there makes in their lives? Most people don't. They go to church for what's in it for them. They seldom think of how their presence can help and encourage others. "It's all about me" permeates, not only secular society, but the church as well.

You may be a Christian. But, are you an "all about me" Christian? Jesus was a servant. He is our example to follow. Let's live like our Savior lived!

Trying not to be an "all about me" Christian, Gloria

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