Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Depressed or Determined?

My apologies to you who checked in to read my blog this morning and found zilch (one of the largest numbers, of course.) I will try to do better tomorrow.

I got up about 4:15 this morning, started putting up Christmas decorations (Yes, they are still up.) put pictures back on the wall in the place of wreaths and did a little cleaning in the kitchen. By the time I got through doing that, I needed a rest! My husband actually came and woke me up. How embarrassing for such a vocal morning person!

Is this an age thing? Am I going to have my husband get up every morning and drag me out of bed so we can start the day? How discouraging!

I'm sitting here depressed because I let everyone down about getting the blog done earlier. If I didn't have things that had to be done, I think I would go right back to bed!

Living life abundantly is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Negative thoughts, feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, concerns about things you should have done (blog) or things you should not have done can be used by the devil or even our own flesh to drag us down.

What to do? Imagine yourself standing underneath a waterfall. Feel the water flood over your body, washing away any dirt you might have on you. Then say to yourself, "Satan, Jesus washed away the guilt of everything I have done or will do. I refuse to allow you to drag me down with negative thinking. I WILL live the abundant life in Christ!"

Refusing to let anything or anyone keep me from living the abundant life today, Gloria

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