Friday, January 23, 2009

Cake Or Rocks?

Today will be busy. One thing I have to do is make two Mississippi Mud Cakes. No. I'm not reverting to my childhood. Believe me when I say these Mississippi Mud cakes will NOT taste like mud. At least I hope not!

True, my cooking skills have diminished because I don't use them as often. I hope cooking is like learning to ride a bike. Once you learn, it comes back to you if you decide to ride even ten years later. Not that I haven't cooked in ten years. I do manage a meal or two every now an then.

If you saw the cake, you would see why it's called Mississippi Mud cake. It's a lucious, deep, dark chocolate. Of course it has chocolate, marshmallows and nuts on top. Maybe that's to represent the rocks and trash most all dirt has before it's cleaned up.

Lives can have rocks and dirt in them. Not literal ones, of course. Life rocks can be fears, unforgotten hurts, a general negative attitude about life or the inability to put things down. All these rocks make it impossible to live the abundant life God intends for us.

Do a check today. Is there some rock in your life that is keeping you from going forward? It could have been there for years or only a day. Clean it out. The soil of your life will then be ready to receive all that God intended.

Hoping to get rid of the rocks so I can enjoy the "cake" God has for me, Gloria

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