Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Is Christmas To You?

Last night my husband took me to Rite Aide to get an ice cream cone. Good ice cream and cheap, too! I know. I should not have done it. It was worth the calories. So delicious!

On the way to get my treat, we passed a number of houses with decorations in the yard. I love looking at all the lights so I was enthralled. What I saw of them. They were more like a blur. My husband had one goal. Get to the store, buy the ice cream and go home. Me? I wanted the trip to be an experience. You know. Slow down at each lighted home. Revel in the beauty of the lights. Talk about opposites!

People responds to holidays differently.

Some savor every moment of the season.

Others look at it as a time of too much food, too much money spent and too many crowded stores.

For others, it is a depressing time.

What is Christmas to you?

I hope you will remember the reason we celebrate. Not the tinsel and lights. Not the gifts under the tree. Not tables laden with an abundance of food. Not even family and friends around us.

We celebrate the fact that an Almighty God, creator of everything, sent his Son into a sin-laden world, was born in a stable, lived among us, died so that we wouldn't have to and will return again some day to get his followers. All that is wrapped up in Christmas. What a present. Wow! Now, that's something to celebrate!

Celebrating the glorious meaning of Christmas, Gloria

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