Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Story

This past Sunday we had practice for our Christmas Eve service. Even though it was just a practice I was moved once again by the story. God came in flesh!

I've been a Christian for many years now. I've attended Christmas Eve services almost all that time. It would seem hearing the same story over and over again would get pretty boring.

I write. The professionals tell us to take a common story and tweak it so it is different. So people will have an interest in hearing the same story again.

You know what. You don't have to tweak God's story of the birth of Jesus. It is ageless, timeless, eternal. It is a simple story yet so profound. Almighty God loved us so much he sent his Son, Jesus, born of a virgin, to live among and die for our sins. I never tire of hearing that story! It moves me. Even now, as I sit here, it brings me to tears. How I praise him!

Thankful for the story, Gloria

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