Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snail Mail

Did you love to get mail when you were a kid? If you were blessed to get a package, it could make your heart beat faster. Who sent it? What was inside? Would you love it?

Fast forward to the present.

Today that kind of mail is called "snail mail." Email is much faster. I admit, I'm sold on the faster type. Most of my friends and family email me. I can get information in record time.

Yesterday I got a "snail mail" letter. It was from the doctor. He was giving me the results of my ultra sound. I tore open the letter like I would have when I was a child. I wanted to see what was inside. What I found was a great gift. Better than any package laden with goodies. The lump in my breast was benign. Praise God!

During the time I waited for the results, I was surprised at the peace I had. I told God he was in control and I surrendered to his will for my life. Whenever the idea of dying came to my mind, I felt no fear, just a calm assurance my life was in the hands of a mighty God who loved me and did all things well.

Only God can give us a deep abiding peace in the middle of turmoil in our lives. It seems everyone would want that. It breaks my heart that so many refuse to accept such a gift. How blessed we believers are to have such a God!

Kinda liking "snail mail" again, Gloria


Anonymous said...

Praise God, indeed!


Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Gayle, thanks so much for your prayers!