Friday, December 5, 2008

Serving Others

Busy weekend ahead! Today I cook goodies for my open house. I'm so thankful I have a couple friends who are coming to help. I've got a bad cold and don't really feel up to doing all this. They will make my burden lighter.

After our open house on Saturday, I have to cook for 90-100 people on Sunday. Guess what I'll be doing Sunday night. Yep. Collapsed in bed!

Sometimes life seems to come in batches. You know. Everything going on at the same time. It can make for stressful times. I know I'll be stressed somewhat but I've determined to enjoy the time with my friends making goodies. I'm going to try to exemplify the love of Christ to all who enter our home. I will thank God we have so many visitors who are interested in becoming a part of our church (60+ visitors to serve, the rest staff.)

I pray all who enter our home this weekend will sense the love of God here and our love for our church family. I pray those who eat the meal I fix on Sunday will realize I did it out of love for them and love for God. I believe if I keep my mind focused on the fact I am doing what I do out of love for others and God, it will make my task less difficult.

Honored to be able to serve God by serving others, Gloria

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