Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rising Once Again

I had so much fun yesterday. I raked my trees.

I know. Sounds funny. But, the limbs of the tress were so laden with snow, we feared they would break.

Since I'm Ms. Winter at our house, I went out with a rake and scraped the snow off the trees. No longer imprisoned by the snow, the bent branches sprang back up, their burden lifted, free to stand tall once again.

Lots of things in life can make us feel bent down, unable to rise. Circumstances we can't change. Relationships that can't be fixed. Illness that has no cure.

Allow God to come and scoop away the thing that burdens and imprisons you. He is so capable of doing that!

You can find yourself rising again, tall, confident in God, knowing he will give you strength to rise up again no matter how heavy your "snow."

Thankful my God can lift me up, Gloria


Sheryl Crawford said...

Very nice analogy, Gloria. Loved it.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thanks, Sherri. I know you have a heavy "snow" and I'm asking God to give you strength.