Friday, December 12, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Clouds are coming in. Dark clouds. Looks like snow is on its way!

All you snow lovers will appreciate my excitement. Those, like my husband, who have an aversion to cold weather do not look at the prospect in the same way. He hates cold weather! Cold weather makes him shiver. Even his stomach shivers when he gets too cold (I've seen it myself). He'll take the heat of summer any day.

Me? I love walking out in the cold, breathing in the crisp air, filling my lungs with the cold. Exhilarating! I'll take that over sweating in our summer heat. In summer, I am not allowed to take off enough clothes to get cool and still be decent. You just have to drip with sweat.I know we women are supposed to glow. Ha! I do not consider sweat running down your back to the hinder parts "glowing"! Nope. Give me some good old fashioned freezing weather!

Since God made some like hot, some like cold, maybe that's why he made the seasons. If so, that was a nice thing. God is like that, you know. He really does care about us.

So, if whatever weather you are having isn't what you like, let those God made that enjoy it have their time. Just wait. God will have your season come around soon. Then you'll get your turn to enjoy the weather.

If someone who reads this does not like any season, you have a problem. Could be you need an attitude adjustment. That's between you and God. The rest of us are going to enjoy the season God made for us and thank him for being so considerate of ALL of us he created!

Enjoying MY season of the year, Gloria

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