Monday, December 29, 2008


Only three more days of 2008. Where did the year go?

When I was younger, I heard people talk about time flying by. It didn't seem true to me at the time. Now time passes so fast it seems I blink my eyes and another day is gone!

I kinda got introspective this morning as I contemplated another year past. What have I done with the year? Have I glorified God during that time? Have I wisely used the time he gave me?

I know I've wasted time, used it the wrong way, failed to accomplish dreams I had. Introspection always seems to reveal such things.

I refuse to become morbid in my contemplation of the past. I cannot go back and redo things. I cannot grasp missed opportunities once again. I can only go forward.

As you rethink the past year, acknowledge the fact that you may have failed to use some of your time wisely. Ask God to give you wisdom to be a more effective "time keeper" in the new year. Clear the slate. Don't become morbid about what cannot be reclaimed. Like me, commit yourself to using as effectively as you can the future time God will give you.

Forgetting what is behind, I press on, Gloria

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