Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How's Your Family Time?

We have our daughter and her three children here for a couple of days. My husband just put his great Banana Nut Bread recipe in the oven. Well, actually it wasn't the recipe. That could have caused a fire!

Today will be filled with family things like going to the mall so the grand kids can spend their Christmas money! Wonder what they did in the "old days". Probably went right back to the fields and started tilling the ground or some such hard work. I'm glad I can choose shopping in the mall!

Things change but the joy of family never does. Some people are not blessed to have close families. Some spent Christmas alone.

Did you have family with you this Christmas? Then thank God he blessed you so.

We need to cherish time with our family. Perhaps we will have another year with them but we have no guarantee. That is in God's hands. Let's maximize the time we do have.

Thankful for family, Gloria

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