Friday, December 19, 2008

God Doesn't Forget

The ground is still covered with snow here. This makes it slim pickings for the little birds in our area. I buy wild bird seed all year long so birds will have an abundant supply of food. I used up all the seed but, on each trip to the store, I forgot to get more food. I'm sure there has been much grumbling in bird town because the lady hasn't been bringing breakfast each morning!

Just prior to the snow I bought some birdseed. I'm so glad and I'm sure the birds are, too. All the area is covered with snow except for a small area next to the house. Each morning I've thrown seed there. The birds swarm to the spot. They know that's where they are going to get their food. They never chirp out a "Thank you." Just the joy of watching them is reward enough. I delight in caring for God's creatures.

We humans are going through some "stormy" weather, too. We may be tempted to fear God will forget and not provide for us. That will never happen! The Bible tells us, if God takes care of the birds, he will surely take care of us.

Have faith! Trust God in all your circumstances. And remember, he's not like me. He NEVER forgets to provide what you need!

Thankful God provides better for me than I do the birds, Gloria

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