Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It has been a rough week for me. I have received two rejections for manuscripts I had sent out to publishers. I try to be tough and not let it bother me too much. But, it does!

No one likes to feel what they do is not valuable in the eyes of others. Writers and editors alike tell you not to take it personally. Hard to do!

When is the last time you told someone you appreciated what they do? Everyone wants to feel what they contribute is appreciated by those around them.

We have some men at our church who do the custodial work. Visitors and members who come into our building will find it clean and well kept. I have told them how much I appreciate their effort. They need to know that.

Are there people you need to take the time to say, "Thanks" to? Someone you need to tell how much you value what they do? Don't put it off. Send a card, make a call, speak a word. It will make the person feel valued and it will also make you feel good for encouraging someone.

Hoping to be an encouragement to others, Gloria

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