Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Lies Ahead For America's Christians?

In the next few days election euphoria will wane. It will be "business as usual." People's thoughts will turn to such momentous decisions as what they'll have for Thanksgiving dinner or what they'll get Aunt Helen for Christmas since she has EVERYTHING already.

Yet, what happened on Tuesday has forever changed America. We have chosen the first African-American for president in our history. I am proud of that. It shows how far America has come from those shameful days of slavery.

However, it grieves my heart that this momentous occasion is marred by the fact that our first African-American president will be so far away in ideology from the Christian world view, the same view that this country was founded upon.

The rights of the unborn. The sanctity of marriage. On which side of the line will this next president plant his feet? If we believe his platform, it is not looking good for unborn children or traditional marriage.

While I grieve, I cannot despair. God hears the prayers of his children. He can reach down in history and alter it at will. After all, he is God! I need to fervently pray. You who believe in these same values should fervently pray. I don't mean an occasional prayer thrown up at random times but a concerted prayer time appealing to a loving and merciful God to intervene in the affairs of men on behalf of his chosen.

Prepare yourself. The tide has turned in America. Christians are becoming less tolerated. Many people feel we are a blight on society. Do you think this is how it started in other countries, countries where Christians now have to worship secretly in crawl holes under buildings or quietly behind locked doors? Is that what is in store for Christians in America?

Whatever God has planned for believers here, we are to be found faithful. Are you strong enough to live out your faith should it come to suffering and persecution? Search your heart. Only the true believer can stand strong in such times. The church going, legalistic living person who has no true real relationship with Jesus will not hold on.

Know your heart. Be sure where you stand with the Lord. The Bible tells us some will stand before God at the judgment and say, "Didn't we do mighty things in your name?" But, Jesus will say, "Depart from me. I never knew you."

Doing good works, going to church and living a good life does not equate being born again by the Spirit of God. It is only that which leads to salvation. Are you born of the Spirit?

Thankful God drew me to himself by the Spirit, Gloria

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