Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Need God's Mercy

You may not want to read this post. There is nothing humorous in it. It may actually depress you so I'm giving you fair warning.

In all the years I have voted, I have never been so burdened about an election as this one. Today has the potential to alter the America we know. California and Florida are voting on the issue of marriage between a man and a woman. Both states have great influence, especially California. Should these states vote for same-sex marriages, I believe there will be no stopping it. It will go to the Supreme Court. Should liberal judges be placed in position, they will rule same-sex marriage is the law of the land.

We have already gone against God and killed millions of babies in the womb. If we add this to the list of wrongs America is guilty of, how can we expect God to stay his hand and not bring judgment upon us? He did it to his children, Israel. Read the Bible and you'll see he judged them for their sin. Won't he do it to us?

I don't know if you regularly pray for our country. I encourage you to do so. We need it. Ask God to be merciful. Most of all pray we will see revival in the land. How we need it!

May God have mercy on us, Gloria

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