Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So What If You're Not Drop Dead Gorgeous

I just read headlines saying how stress affects your skin. Maybe that's why I seem to see more wrinkles lately. I'm sure it's not because I'm getting older!

The article I read suggested putting cucumber slices on your eyes to take away the puffiness caused by stress. When you sleep less than six hours, it doesn't matter if you put the whole cucumber on your eyes, you are NOT going to be able to rid yourself of those puffy little bags that lie perched below your eyes.

I want genes like Sarah of the Bible. Even when she was in the "senior adult" bracket, she was so gorgeous her husband, Abraham, lied and said she was his sister. He feared the king would knock him off and take Sarah for himself. She must have been some beauty! I don't foresee my husband lying and saying I'm his sister because he fears someone will put out a contract on him because I'm so drop dead gorgeous. They don't make a cream or surgery that works that well!

So, I guess I'll just try and work on the inside since the outside is too far gone to do anything with. I kinda believe God will be more pleased if I spend my time doing that!

Hoping the inside is lookin' better and better even if the outside is falling apart, Gloria

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