Monday, November 24, 2008

The P Word

Remember me telling you about getting an iPod for Christmas and about how much I'm enjoying it? Well, I think I may have burst an ear drum!

I transferred some Christmas Cd's to the iPod with the volume on high. When I tried to listen, it sounded like those folk who drive down the freeway with their music so loud it shakes your car. Instead of a car, it shook me!

Guess who showed me how to turn the volume done. My ten year old grandson! Kind of humiliating when a ten year old knows more than his grandmother.

While it is a bit embarrassing to have a ten year old know more than you do, it would have been foolish to let pride keep me from learning how to use the iPod. As a result of the humbling experience, I can now enjoy my music.

Sometimes God wants to teach us something new. Something that will make us a better person. Something that will conform us to his image. Pride can make us resist his teaching. We had rather do it our way. We had rather stay the way we are. We don't want to be stretched in the learning curve of faith. As a result, we refuse to humble ourselves before God. Not good.

Is there something in your life God wants to teach you? Don't let pride stop you from surrendering to him.

I am now enjoying the sweet music I hear from my iPod. Why? Because I refused to let pride get in the way. You'll enjoy sweet closeness to God if you refuse to let pride get in the way of him teaching you.

Praying I will not let pride keep me from knowing God better, Gloria

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