Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Responsibility

Well, it's over! The hoopla about which man is right for the job of president has been decided by the people of America. Whether the one I wanted was chosen is irrelevant now. The people have spoken. That's what democracy is all about.

I prayed for God to put the right person into office. I voted. As a Christian, what is my responsibility now?

I am to pray for the president-elect. He will need God's guidance. God can guide even though someone does not believe him to be the sovereign God. Think about Pharaoh.

I am to honor the office of president. God places in office those whom he chooses. People may think they had the upper hand in this election. Christians know God is in control of everything and it was he, God, who determined the outcome.

I am to support the president-elect unless the things he chooses for this country do not align themselves with God's Word. Only then do I have the right of dissent.

I am to continue to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. That is the responsibility of Christians no matter who is in office.

Praying for our president-elect and our country, Gloria

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