Friday, November 21, 2008

Music, A Gift From God

Have you thought about how much joy music brings to your life? Such a wonderful gift from God!

Music can lift our spirits, calm our hearts, make us cry, laugh. I did all those yesterday as I listened to music on my Christmas present.

I know. Early. But, there is a reason. My CD player gave up the ghost. My dear husband knows I can't imagine the Christmas holiday without my music. He bought me a sound system and an ipod. Now I'm hip (I did NOT say hippy, as in large, even though it would have been appropriate!).

All afternoon I played music, cried, praised, and worshipped as I listened to the music and decorated the house. I felt the presence of God as I lifted my hands in praise. I worshipped.

Today, put on some Christian music. Listen, really listen. Let the sound sink into your soul. Then take time to thank God for giving us such a wonderful gift.

Note: Can you imagine what it is going to be like in heaven as all the saints and heavenly hosts sing praise to God? Talk about a choir!!

Praising God for the gift of music, Gloria

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