Monday, November 17, 2008

The Eye of the Camera

I have to do something this morning I hate. I have to get my picture taken.

I've heard you look twenty pounds heavier on television and in pictures. I am going to be really upset if the photographer says he'll have to change to a wide angled lens before he takes my picture!

The eye of a camera reveals a lot, especially close up. There's no hiding all your little (or big) flaws. In my senior year in high school I was chosen as one of the beauties (probably because they didn't have much to choose from.) They took my picture for the yearbook. It was during a HUMONGOUS pimple breakout. I was a teenager. Looks were important. I imagined years later when my classmates dusted off the old yearbook and thumbed through. I could hear them saying, "How did she get chosen as a beauty?" It was too much for my teenage psyche to handle. So, I did what any mortified teen would do. Since I was on the year book staff, I convinced them to put in a picture taken by a professional photographer that looked decent. Hey, you do what you gotta do.

There's another eye which sees even more than a camera lens. It's God eyes. He can see not only the outside but what is inside, in my heart. I can't cover up or change the "picture" he sees. His eyes takes it all in, the good and the bad. He can see my motives, my desires, my thoughts. Nothing is hidden.

What does God see when he looks inside your heart? Do you want to change the "picture" for a better one? You can. Let Jesus have control of your life. He'll turn you into an incredibly beautiful person on the inside. And, that's where it really counts!

Thankful Jesus makes me beautiful on the inside, Gloria

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