Monday, November 3, 2008

Aren't You Glad Some Things Never Change?

The time change happened on Saturday. Did you forget to turn your clock back?

I'm happy about the time change. I dislike getting up in the morning and having to wait for daylight to join me. I like to look out my windows and actually SEE something.

Change is good...sometimes. It's good to change habits that are harmful. It's good to change wrong thinking. It's good to change your underwear (gotcha!).

Some things never change and that is good:

Your belief that God is control of this world and nothing can happen without his permission.

That there is only one way to be made right with God and that is through faith in his Son.

That abundant life is for all who make such a commitment.

I'm thankful some things change. I'm also thankful that some things are unchangeable and I can stake my life in this world and the next on that fact.

Thankful some things never change, Gloria

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