Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I'm tired. Bone tired. Perhaps it's because I've been doing spring cleaning.

I know. It's not spring. I'm just getting a head start. Actually, I've been cleaning because my sister-in-law will be here on Saturday. Nothing like not wanting someone to see how you "really" keep house to make you get busy.

I've cleaned baseboards, dusted fans, wiped walls and scrubbed toilets. I've even made one bathroom off limits to my husband until his sister gets here. At least one will still be presentable by Saturday.

That's what I hate about housework. It's so constant.

You spend hours cleaning. It's looks great. You feel a real sense of accomplishment. Then somebody in the family insists on eating. There goes your clean kitchen. Or, your husband insists on pulling back the covers and sleeping UNDER them instead of on top of them. Now you have to make the beds AGAIN! Next, the wind blows and nasty little particles of dirt creep into your house uninvited. They sprawl out on your furniture, making a dusty film. It doesn't show too much until some kid draws a happy face in the dust.

There are many areas of life that are constant. We constantly have to make decisions about what we will say. We must constantly make decisions about our conduct. We have to constantly make decisions about what we think.

Check out your life. Do you need to do a little spring cleaning? Don't wait until spring. All that filth left unchecked can make for a pretty dirty house (life).

Doing some spring cleaning in my life, Gloria

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