Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Pivotal Time In Our History

Here in California we are facing a pivotal time in history. Proposition 8 is on our ballot. A yes will confirm a truth that has been ours since the founding of our country,that is, marriage consists of a man and a woman.

What happens in this state will impact our entire country. California is a trend setter. Most states follow suite in what we do.

Over the last number of years, Christians have been lax about standing up and being counted, especially at the polls. They stay home instead of exercising this greatest of rights we have here in this country.

I urge you to vote. I ask you to pray. I plead with you to share the importance of voting to other believers. We must raise ourselves from our lethargy and stand! Perhaps God will be merciful to us.

Praying for God's mercy, Gloria

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