Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Responsibility To The Next Generation

My husband and I read from Jeremiah this morning. One phrase reached out to me. It said God would charge them, their children and their grandchildren.

I wonder how many times we do things, not realizing how they will affect the next generations. It made me think. Am I living a life that will be beneficial for the next generations? Or, am I thinking of only myself?

Some questions:

What kind of world will be left for the next generations based on how I live?

Am I instilling in my family the truth that allowing God to control our lives should be our number one priority?

Am I showing the love and compassion of Christ to people I meet daily so that they may be drawn to him?

Do I diligently teach my children and grandchildren the truths of God so they will have a strong foundation on which to stand after I am gone?

Can people discern there is something different about me by the way I react to negative situations?

I pray we will all be diligent to live godly lives, encompassing all that envolves, so that the next generations will be blessed by God, not have a charge against them.

Trying to live for the next generations, Gloria

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